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Seattle gave low-income residents $500 a month no strings attached. Employment rates nearly doubled.

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They did a similar project in Vancouver, with a lump sum to homeless, and no, they didn't blow it on booze and drugs, but made plans and allocated the money. There was even a control group, which made me cringe a little about the research ethics of that.

A Study Showed Giving Money to Homeless People Changes Lives. What’s Next?

The worst kind of #DisasterCapitalism. Ten years ago, they saw the problems that climate change would create, and used it to make long-term investments for huge profits.

A firm bought up land in a tiny Arizona town—then sold its water to a faraway suburb

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The most important thing you'll read about the Trump coup attempt since the latest indictments is this, from Josh Marshall, who really should be here, not on Musk's degraded POS:
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Jamie Raskin, American attorney, law professor, and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Maryland's 8th congressional district, long ago sliced this authoritarian-loving defense of violence and criminality to shreds.

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new essay, pushing back against the recent hype around agent-based AI.

I'll believe that AI companies are building digital-butlers-for-the-masses when someone explains the revenue model.

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That's why Amazon is pulling the plug on Alexa. They never figured out a good way to monetize it.

I'd never seen Hyperland, thanks!

they don't actually get paid but they may have my old socks and all the liquor they can pilfer.

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News organizations continue to cherry pick quotes from Donald Trump’s speeches plus they paraphrase to make sense from the nonsensical.

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Good for Paul Waldman and Thomas Schaller. They are defending their book. And they are right.

The whole ball of wax is right here.

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Happy victory over treason day! Also enjoy the only confederate flag we should recognize and celebrate.
Civil war surrender day, April 9, 1865
A white flag indicating surrender

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so Facebook is still trying REALLY HARD to suppress this story about Facebook

and even this story about the story!

my links to the story and to the second story both got auto-deleted

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@briankrebs FWIW I posted the story 12 hours ago, public visibility, it's still there.
@Were you scammed? Kindly contact ethicsrefinance to help you. They track and locate scammers, recover lost funds and report to the FBI Send direct message to them for cyber investigation about scam via
Telegram: @ethicsrefinance

The original claim was chloroquine. A holdover from the SARS and MERS epidemics. CQs status as an antiviral is well documented though not at all well understood.

HCQ is not supported as an antiviral in the literature, and was likely fixated upon because it was much easier to get than CQ.

China reported that CQ treated patients did not have viral antigen in stool whereas control did by Day 8. Believable given that CQ is a quat, like Lysol. 10% pass-through in stool.

How is it, that just by looking at this man's picture, I'm already thinking: quack.
Reading the toot was just a confirmation of the kind of quack.

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So the World Central Kitchen convoy a) cleared its route with the IDF beforehand, b) traveled on an approved route, and c) departed at an approved time, so d) the IDF knew exactly who it was killing when it struck the convoy three (3) times.

It was so obviously deliberate, and so deliberately cruel—not just to murder these people, but to terrorize other aid workers into abandoning the Palestinians to be starved to death. To prove the IDF’s impunity and reach, and to compel the IDF’s defenders into apologizing for yet another unforgivable atrocity.

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The editor of Cleveland.Com tells his readers:

"Trust your eyes. Trump on Jan. 6 launched the most serious threat to our system of government since the Civil War. You know that. You saw it.

The facts involving Trump are crystal clear, and as news people, we cannot pretend otherwise, as unpopular as that might be with a segment of our readers. There aren’t two sides to facts. People who say the earth is flat don’t get space on our platforms."



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This is a great example of what our Open Letter calls for as
Pro-Democracy 2024 Election Coverage

As Marty Baron, former EIC of Wa Post and Boston Globe recently noted:
"Journalists must oppose violence and abuses of power and should advocate for democracy, norms of civic discourse, tolerance, and equal opportunity for all, ...
have to be opposed to people who are undermining democracy."

For our guidelines see:

HERE'S How News Media's Election Coverage Can  Defend and Uplift Democracy




Media and Democracy Project 
Follow us on Mastodon
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We look forward to seeing how Cleveland.Com puts their policy into practice and urge other outlets to take a similar approach.

There are other good examples including:,or%20distract%20from%20crucial%20facts.

We look forward to highlighting more examples of exemplary election coverage in coming months.

You can learn more about our guidelines and sign on in support here:

#Journalism #Democracy

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Flatline, a new powerful campaign Ad from the Biden-Harris 2024 team on the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare.

"When he was president,
Donald Trump tried to rip away our health care.
He failed. But he is coming back for it.
He will take away health care from people with preexisting conditions.
He will take away health care from people with diabetes.
He will take away health care from people with asthma.

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From Flatline, the new campaign Ad from the Biden-Harris 2024 team on the 14th anniversary of the ACA -
He will take away health care from people on Medicaid.
He will take away health care from young people with family insurance.
He will take away free cancer screenings.
He will take away free annual checkups.
He will take away free birth control.
If he succeeds, 45 million Americans could lose their health insurance
And you could be one of them.
Protect your health care. Stop Trump."


Image of full transcript
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The ongoing anti-trans pogrom in America continues largely unabated, and vastly under-reported. Mirroring the peculiar UK style of trans persecution, three states (and counting) are now trying to pass laws that would end state recognition of trans people under the guise of protecting women's rights. These bills would legally categorize sex based on reproductive capabilities, and would likely result in banning changes to birth certificates, driver's licenses and other forms of identification; in addition to the usual restriction of bathroom access based on assigned gender at birth clauses common in anti-trans crusader bills.

"Should these bills become law, an increasing number of states will not legally recognize transgender individuals. The implications of such legislation are profound: individuals who have long since updated their identity documents may face the reversion of those documents back to their assigned sex at birth. These state-issued identification documents could then be employed to enforce additional anti-transgender laws, including bathroom bans. Moreover, these restrictions are bound to create complications for transgender individuals who have legally updated their federal documents to align with their gender identity, as these documents would conflict with their state-issued ones."

Although it is indeed important to take what amounts to the forced outing of trans people seriously, I think far too many people are sleeping on what it actually means to end legal recognition of trans identities in our society. While this all might seem like a giant game of pretend to cisgender people laughing at fascist politicians in Red States, the simple truth is that if, legally speaking, trans people don't exist, then they cannot legally be considered the target of persecution or discrimination for their trans identity. Laws like these so called "Women's Bill of Rights" not only harm trans people psychologically, and expose them as public (and even state-sanctioned) targets for hate crimes, but they are also a very clear precursor to further acts of legal persecution designed to chase trans people from public life, justify their segregation from society, and yes quite possibly eliminate them entirely.

If you want to *legally* end trans people, one of the easiest ways to start that process is to begin by insisting that there really is no such thing as trans people at all. This is part of a historically documented process of dehumanizing, and legally "unpersoning" a target group. Once trans people don't legally exist, you can quickly and efficiently strip their civil rights; and after that part is accomplished - all bets are off. This is literally the historically recognized recipe for a pogrom; which is what trans people have been trying to tell the rest of America is what's going on here, all along.

#TransRights #Fascism #USPolitics #Pogrom

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So much of the public policy of Tories & Republicans can be explained as oil oligarchs using religious fundamentalism to hijack policy making.

It's a religious attack on the secular belief that people should be equal under the law.
They don't believe all people should have full agency & autonomy.

They seek to preserve systems of semi-citizenry, government imposed poverty, and unfair social hierarchies. Workers are serfs

@Npars01 And yet another toot in this thread that does not say "it's an anti-trans pogrom."

Look, I'm trying to be polite here okay? I get that you really want to take this conversation in a different direction than my intentions for this thread. I would rather you simply not. I'm a trans woman. I think it's super important to tell people that there is an active effort to literally remove trans people from society, and likely kill us all.

I don't really want to dilute that message and fold it into a larger political discussion about the right - which is now wholly fascist. It's important. If you're here for something else, and can't even put it in the context of the anti-trans pogrom I'm talking about, then I'd just rather you did that elsewhere.

I tried to hint that in my last post, now I'm telling you to not do this; I write a lot about why Republicans are fascists and dangerous. This is a thread about the anti-trans pogrom, being written by a trans woman - if that's not what you want to talk about, go do it someplace else.

The shortest interval in the universe

Me, with a new router, before I'm thinking "That's it! I'm wiping this clownshow POS and installing OpenWRT!"

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Lara Trump caught pumping charity money to Donald Trump—from a dog rescue

"What if a charity claiming to help dogs were to funnel nearly $1.9 million worth of donations straight into Donald J. Trump’s high-end resorts? And what if, let’s say, an event chairwoman of that charity was the daughter-in-law of the one who financially benefits?"

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#enshittification of the food supply to make the number go up for a few people doesn't sound like the good idea.

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Few social networking platforms are known for inspiring positive social change these days.

But this new Inuit-developed app is helping Indigenous communities from Alaska to Greenland advance their self-determination. 📲

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Hoping this wee woman is having a great day

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The owners of a rural #Christian boarding school for "troubled" boys have been arrested and charged with kidnapping as an investigation into further criminal allegations continues.

Five boys have run away from the school, Lighthouse Christian Academy, this year, with some escapees asking a neighbor to call 911. Lighthouse previously accepted girls, until a former principal was accused of sexually abusing a female student.

#NotADragQueen #groomers #kidnapping #Missouri

The owners of a Christian boarding school in Missouri are jailed and charged with kidnapping crimes

This photo provided by David Clohessy shows the entrance of ABM Ministries, a Christian boarding school in Piedmont, Mo. The owners of ABM Ministries were arrested over the weekend and charged with kidnapping. The arrest followed allegations of abuse by several former students who attended the school (David Clohessy via AP)

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#Doonesbury: “Daddy, why doesn’t #Trump ever go to church?”

Entire strip here:

Daughter in back seat of car: Daddy, why doesn’t Trump ever go to church?

Dad, driving: He doesn’t need to, sweetheart—he was sent by god.

Son in back seat: But why would god send someone so selfish & mean? 

Daughter: & who lies & cheats! Stuff we get punished for!

Mom in front seat: No one’s perfect, kiddos. God sent us a flawed messenger to remind us of our own sins.

Son: But then what’s the difference between Trump & someone Satan would send?

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Why I called my MP about his transphobic party and leader, and what I said. I was polite, unlike Poilievre.

They are bullies and must be stopped.

The harm is more than we know, most of it doesn't make the media.

In Canada, the leader of the Conservative Party has taken to bullying trans people. Polls currently say he is likely to be our next Prime Minister. He is backing the US trend to bathroom bans for trans women. He wants to ban puberty blockers for trans kids. All of this is putting trans people in danger of abuse and murder.

He has to be stopped. I don’t know him, I loathe him. I feel angry every time I hear his voice. So I can’t be 100% trusted to know why he is doing this, but I think he is mostly doing it because he is seeing his fellow conservatives in the US win votes through these tactics, but also because he is a bully by nature.

I don’t feel like I can do much personally; age and health mean my marching days are over. But I did call my MP’s office today and will call Mr. Poilievre’s office on Monday. (I usually just call him “Poilievre”, with a snarl, but I try to add the “Mr. on phone calls and to stay calm.)

I like to write some notes before I call people in power, so I remain brief and to the point. I have cleaned mine up here in case they are of use to you if you would be kind enough to call. This trend has already turned nasty but the sooner we make it clear that we won’t stand for it, the easier it will be. Nazi Germany left it too late. The USA may already have done so. If we have time left in Canada, there’s not much.

Phone Call Notes (for MP)

(Identify self, constituency)

I am calling because I am appalled by two recent comments by the leader of Mr Schmale’s party and am hoping he will help counsel Mr Poilievre as to the danger he is posing for Canada. The comments were on the barring of trans women from sports, bathrooms and more, and on the denial of much needed health care for trans kids and their ability to assert their identity through use of chosen names and pronouns.

There is no new or significant trend in Canada of cis people being bullied, harassed or caused any harm. This is imported, politically motivated panic from the US.

Mr. Poilievre is demonising trans people by his speeches. Perhaps he doesn’t personally hate them or mean them much harm, but he is encouraging bullying by those people who already are so inclined and is making it more difficult for others to defend their trans neighbours, friends and family. They are already subject to discrimination and physical violence.

The recent court case where a Canadian man was sentenced for murder of a Muslim family and found guilty of terrorism shows that Canada is not immune from expressing their bigotry through violence. Whenever this happens against trans people, I hold Mr Poilevre personally responsible and if Mr Schmale does not speak out against it, I will hold him responsible as well.

Please let Mr Schmale know, and that I am available to discuss further if he is so inclined.
Thank you.

#bully #Canada #politics #propaganda #trans

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🔵 This week's Tom the Dancing Bug:
👦🐯 A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at crime and punishment
Brought to you by the illustrious Inner Hive ( ), including longtime member Kristen L. and new member 99 cent.

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this strip is now a documentary

And fyi I'm offering a limited number of signed prints of last week's comic, "A Tribute to the American Story: Liberals Are Always Right"

Info at

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Good piece by Cody Gault
#journalism #media #canada #cdnpoli

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Sleazy (big-name) publishers, in league with the slimy ad-tech industry and fueled by enshittified Google policies, are destroying -- absolutely destroying -- any reason to trust online product recommendations. This is long but you should read it:

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That's an incredible story. Housefresh shows that Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple both published fake "best of" reviews sourced from the same mill - and Google is pushing their reviews onto people doing searches over real review sites like Housefresh and Consumer Reports.
#google sucks break it up enforce #antitrust again

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Take the time to watch this short video of an American Nazi rally at NYC Madison Square Garden in 1939. It is chilling. You need to understand that modern fascism is on the rise here.

The new fascists aren't as cartoonish as the ones in the film, nor quite as regimented (yet). But they are deadly serious.

They believe they are approaching the finish line, when they will take control of everything.

We can't let them succeed.

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what are the differences between this and a trump rally? The only one I could spot was that they had an Orchestra playing, while Trump just blasts MP3s of artists who don't support him.
@GinnyMooy De geschiedenis herhaalt zich. Telkens. Telkens, telkens

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Fine analysis of how Musk is using the deadbird site for information warfare -- against decency, truth, and democracy:

Journalists who continue to actively post there are Musk's collaborators. They think they have no choice. But in their hearts, they know better.

I hope they'll stop supporting his evil business. I'm certain they'll feel better about themselves when they do.

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leaving is a collective action problem. we have to address it as such.

1. an open letter about the problem
2. get it signed by many big names/orgs
3. establish their presence and rebuild their relationships elsewhere.
4. set and follow thru with a "no more X" date

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leave twitter and ignore Musk. Because WE gave him so much importance.

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Well shit. I guess if you are a new librarian in the job market, you may want to steer away from West Virginia. Catch is that the kind of shit that the KY legislators may look at and say, "that looks like a fine idea, let's do it here."

>West Virginia House passes bill allowing prosecution of librarians

#librarians #libraries #PartyOfStupid #Christofascists #books #reading

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Update: At least 107 people in 20 Russian cities have been arrested at memorial protests for Navalny, according to @ovdinfo_en.

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Trump: "Immigrant vermin poison the blood of our country."

Media: "Here's why an incredible economy won't save Biden."

Trump: "I'll be a dictator."

Media: "Breaking: Biden gets a word wrong, kinda."

Trump: "1/6 was an insurrection."

Media: "Voters worry Biden is very, very old."

Trump: "I did nothing on gun control."

Media: "Biden is losing the religious vote."

Trump: "Also I'll end NATO, start WW3."

Media: "And now, the weather!"

Dear journalists: DO YOUR FUCKING JOB.


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Question 12 from the official USCIS Civics exam that must be passed to become a naturalized US citizen. (Example correct answers shown.)

Just saying.

12. What is the "rule of law"? • Everyone must follow the law. • Leaders must obey the law. • Government must obey the law. • No one is above the law.
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This is why I think it's a huge mistake to say "if it's not exactly like the Nazis it's not fascism."

Because the honest to god truth is that the purpose of fascism is power and coercion. They can fuck around with the conspiracy theory used to sell it, to quite a great degree.

Example? Modi and his party in India. Here you have an objectively fascist worldview, without a single white supremacist Aryan nazi in sight.

They just subbed "culture/religion" for "race" and it works fine.

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it's not like the Nazis didn't just lift a lot of it from other places, honestly. In fact, let's look carefully at where they found the various propaganda images and packages to sell. I'm sure it's not anywhere culturally relevant to what is going on...

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Not a single case of cervical cancer cases detected in vaccinated women in Scotland following HPV immunisation when they were 12-13 years old.

Not a single case.

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