"Anonymous Speech" - 1995-10-01

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F0.png "Anonymous Speech" October 1, 1995, Tom W. Bell, 3.10, Wired

Last February, Finnish police served a warrant on Johan Helsingius, calling for the search and seizure of his anonymous remailer, anon.penet.fi. The police wanted to identify someone who had allegedly stolen confidential information off a Church of Scientology computer and then used the remailer to publish the data anonymously. Faced with the alternative of revealing anon.penet.fi's entire user list, Helsingius coughed up the suspect's name.

Could this happen in the US? It depends on how US courts interpret your right to anonymous speech, which depends, in turn, on how hard you fight for that right. Establishing a broad right to anonymous speech will call for some potent intellectual ammo.

Who says?

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