'Childhood Ruined': Scientologists Reportedly Behind Neopets - 2018-04-18

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F0.png 'Childhood Ruined': Scientologists Reportedly Behind Neopets April 18, 2018, Jenna Amatulli, Huffingtonpost

To fully educate yourself on Org Board, you need to complete introductory workshops so information about how it works exactly isn't completely available. However, the Outline broke down the business model by describing its seven divisions. There are the "Communications, Dissemination (sales/marketing), Treasury, Production, Qualifications (quality control), Public (public relations), and, most important to the system, Executive."

The Outline revealed in a Wednesday report that former Neopets's CEO and investor Doug Dohring was a Scientologist who used the so-called Org Board method. Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard designed this trademark business model for his followers.

While this doesn't seem that odd considering most businesses have hierarchy structures in place, Patricia Illingworth, a professor at Northeastern University and a Senior Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government's Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard, told the publication that "the model is less ethical than it appears."

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