'Crazies' now completely in control of PPC, says former executive - 2019-05-21

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F0.png 'Crazies' now completely in control of PPC, says former executive May 21, 2019, Martin Patriquin, iPolitics

"There was a period — a brief period, granted — where it seemed Bernier's party could have wrought meaningful change in conservative politics in this country. Instead, it seems the PPC has become a gong show of racial politics, embarrassing diatribes and social conservative castoffs."

Back in December, while researching a story about the People's Party of Canada for the Toronto Star, my colleagues and I came across a fellow named Alain Deng. A resident of Burnaby, B.C., Deng has a history of guttural anti-Muslim rhetoric on social media. Normally I wouldn't give a toss about such hateful, grammatically-challenged missives — "Muslim is terrible and trouble maker in any where of this planet" he opined in January 2018 — except that, according to a PPC Facebook page, Deng was a member of the party's Burnaby South riding association.

Or was he? When I emailed PPC spokesperson Martin Masse, he was categorical: Deng certainly was not. "He is not in our database," Masse wrote in an email. I took him at his word and filed the ensuing piece, in which among other things my colleagues and I catalogued the rather prominent anti-Muslim strain within the party. But not Deng! He was but a hanger-on, according to Masse.

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