'Dark money' of non-profit political groups targeted - 2013-06-10

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F367.png 'Dark money' of non-profit political groups targeted June 10, 2013, Fredreka Schouten, USA Today

WASHINGTON – Just weeks before last November's election, a little-known Arizona non-profit made a big splash in California politics – donating $11 million to a political group that opposed a tax-hike initiative from Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and backed another measure to make it harder for labor unions to collect dues for political activity.

State regulators, however, did not know where the group, Americans for Responsible Leadership, got its money.

California's campaign-finance agency went to court, forcing the out-of-state organization to reveal that the money came from another Arizona non-profit, the Center to Protect Patient Rights, which in turn said its money came from a third non-profit, Americans for Job Security, a "pro-business" issue advocacy group in Alexandria, Va. Since its inception in the late 1990s, Americans for Job Security has spent tens of millions of dollars targeting Democratic politicians.

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