'Dr.' Seb Gorka Has a New Job and It's Sad - 2019-09-05

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F0.png 'Dr.' Seb Gorka Has a New Job and It's Sad September 5, 2019, Alex Lubben, Vice News

Former advisor to President Trump Sebastian Gorka, who famously prefers to be called "Dr. Gorka," is now playing one on TV — sort of.

In the early, wild days of the Trump administration, Gorka had a plum job alongside Steve Bannon in the White House, where he advised the president on national security. He lost that gig two years ago and decamped for the conservative speaking circuit and a radio show.

But now he's got a new gig: hawking fish oil pills in a TV ad, according to Mediaite. He used to suffer from back pain, he says, but now he's been miraculously cured, thanks to Relief Factor.

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