'Kraken Queen' Sidney Powell Is Now on Trump's 'No-Go List' - 2021-10-02

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F375.png 'Kraken Queen' Sidney Powell Is Now on Trump's 'No-Go List' October 2, 2021, Adam Rawnsley, Daily Beast

Once, she was a key player in Donald Trump's inner circle. These days, she might have trouble just getting in the front door.

The "Kraken" queen long ago removed herself from acceptability among the more respectable GOP circles with a constant stream of bizarre election conspiracy theories. But knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast that the places she's unwelcome now include Trump properties, where advisers look to keep the former president away from her.

Her unrelenting antics have put her on an informal list of people to intercept should they ever appear, or if they even just try to call the 45th U.S. president.

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