'The Boys' Skewers Scientology in Season 2 - 2020-09-07

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F375.png 'The Boys' Skewers Scientology in Season 2 September 7, 2020, Laura Bradley, Daily Beast

Looks like The Boys' cast and crew are well on their way toward being labeled Suppressive Persons by the Church of Scientology.

Amazon's gritty, bombastic superhero series is at its best when it uses the narcissistic, preening heroes at its center as a microcosm for a broader cultural problem—the PR machines that undergird and protect pretty much all powerful institutions and the figures that represent them. So perhaps it's no surprise that in its second season, which premiered its first three episodes Friday, The Boys introduces fallen "hero" The Deep, played by Chace Crawford, to a new religion called the Church of the Collective—an expensive and controlling religion that promises to get his life and career back on track.

Much like driving a speedboat through a whale, there's little subtlety to how The Boys chooses to engage with the Church of Scientology. The show's Church of the Collective is astronomically expensive, warns of "suppressive energy," and touts its connections in high places. Jessica Hecht plays a pseudo-psychologist who gives The Deep workbooks that ask him to draw self-portraits and answer questions about his strengths and weaknesses. As the season unfolds and The Deep gets in, well, deeper with this cult—I mean, religion—further parallels emerge along the way.

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