'Who's Putting These Ideas in His Head?' - 2020-09-04

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F374.png 'Who's Putting These Ideas in His Head?' September 4, 2020, Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic

As I read Strzok's book, I found myself unexpectedly angry, because his narrative exposes an extraordinary failure: Despite multiple investigations by the FBI, Congress, and Mueller's team, Americans have still never learned the full story about the Trump campaign's relationship with Russia or Trump's own decades-long financial ties with Russia. Four years have passed since the investigation began. Many people have been convicted of crimes. Nevertheless, portions of reports produced by Mueller, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and others remain redacted. Investigations are allegedly ongoing. Details remain secret. Meanwhile, valuable FBI time and money were spent investigating which email server Hillary Clinton used—a question that, as it turned out, had no implications for U.S. security whatsoever.

Strzok himself was not exactly reassuring: He does not believe that Trump's true relationship with Russia was ever revealed, and he now worries that it won't ever be. It's not clear that anyone ever followed up on the leads he had, or completed the counterintelligence investigation he began. He doesn't say this himself, but after speaking with him I began to wonder if this is the real reason the Department of Justice broke with precedent in his case by not just firing a well-respected FBI agent but publicly discrediting him too: Strzok was getting too close to the truth.

This is the first interview he has given since he left the FBI. It has been edited for length and clarity.

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