200 cruise by Scientology HQ - 2008-02-11

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F24.png 200 cruise by Scientology HQ February 11, 2008, Brett Clarkson, Toronto Sun

As for most of the other 200 anti-Scientology protesters who gathered outside the religious group's Yonge St. offices yesterday, they did care. Many said they believe that if the controversial religious group learned their identities, it would attempt to keep tabs on them.

"To them we are SPs -- suppressive persons," said one female protester, referring to the term that gained prominence after a wide-eyed Tom Cruise mentioned it in the famous video of him praising Scientology.

Launched through an Internet collective called Anonymous, which claims no leaders and no organizers, yesterday's rally was one of dozens of Anonymous-inspired anti-Scientology rallies that took place around the world.

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