5 Ways Doug Ford Failed Ontarians on COVID-19 - 2020-07-03

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F84.png 5 Ways Doug Ford Failed Ontarians on COVID-19 July 3, 2020, Shreya Kalra, North99

Ontario may soon be entering Phase 3 of reopening, and even though the threat of coronavirus is still alive, the rate of increase has slowed to the point where we can assess the Provincial government's track record more clearly. Premier Doug Ford has been praised for his response to the pandemic. The facts however, show, that many large numbers of deaths could've been avoided if Ford had taken a different route. Here are a few of the ways Doug Ford dropped the ball managing Ontario's coronavirus response.

1. Telling people to go away for March Break

At the heels of March spring break, when China and Iran were knee deep in the crisis and the threat of COVID turning into a blown out pandemic had emerged, Ford told people not to cancel their March break and go enjoy themselves. A week later, however, the Prime Minister made it clear that people should not leave the country and all citizens should return to Canada. By encouraging people to travel, Ford may have exacerbated the spread of coronavirus in Canada.

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