8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity - 2019-08-09

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F375.png 8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity August 9, 2019, Kevin Poulsen, Daily Beast

Refugees from the anonymous 8chan forum are flooding into a new censorship-resistant home on the dark web, and inadvertently giving up their anonymity along the way.

A reincarnated version of the hate-filled forum, now linked to three mass shootings, appeared Monday when the original 8chan lost its hosting service. The new site, called 08chan (with a leading zero), has no affiliation with the original and it's not entirely clear who set it up, but 8chan's diaspora have been flooding in as word of the site spreads through right-wing social media.

The distinguishing feature of the new site is that it lives on ZeroNet, a peer-to-peer network designed by information activists to allow for uncensorable websites immune from government or corporate intervention. Instead of relying on a central server, a ZeroNet site is hosted in bits and pieces by everyone browsing it, making it virtually impossible to shut down.

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