8Chan Stages a Comeback Under a New Name - 2019-11-02

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F375.png 8Chan Stages a Comeback Under a New Name November 2, 2019, Kelly Weill, Daily Beast

The forum formerly known as 8chan reemerged on Saturday, under a slightly different name: 8kun. The reboot is the site's first time online since it went dark in August, after it was linked to multiple mass-shootings targeting Muslims, Jews, and people of color.

8kun, a Japanese pun riffing on the name "8chan," is almost identical to the old site, where the alleged killers behind shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand; Poway, California; and El Paso, Texas posted far-right manifestos in support of racist killings. 76 people died across the three attacks. After the massacre at an El Paso Walmart in August, 8chan's web service companies dropped it as a client, effectively taking the site offline.

8chan's relaunch has been hampered by the unwillingness of web companies to work with the online messageboard. Cloudflare, a cybersecurity famous for its reluctance to ban clients, kicked 8chan to the curb in August, making it difficult for the site to stay online.

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