A.E. van Vogt Dies at 87 - 2000-02-02

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F43.png A.E. van Vogt Dies at 87 February 2, 2000, Washington Post

Mr. van Vogt headed Hubbard's California Dianetics operation in 1950. It proved a short-term appointment. "The organization spent $500,000 in nine months and went broke, because at that time there were a tremendous number of attacks on Dianetics," Mr. van Vogt told an interviewer.

Dianetics was incorporated into the framework of Scientology, but Mr. van Vogt said he was not interested in Scientology because of its mystical and religious aspects.

He and a partner opened their own Dianetics Center in Los Angeles, which he helped support with collections of his short stories. The venture lasted about eight years.

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