A24 Scientology 'End of the Tour' Promotion - 2015-07-31

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F117.png A24 Scientology 'End of the Tour' Promotion July 31, 2015, Hilary Lewis, Hollywood Reporter

Tom Cruise may not have talked about Scientology in his Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation press tour, but the studio behind this weekend's specialty release The End of the Tour, A24, doesn't mind using Cruise's controversial religion to promote their movie, and maybe the new Mission: Impossible film as well.

A24 Instagrammed a gif of Cruise laughing maniacally when he talks about someone asking him "Have you ever met an SP [[[:Category:Suppressive Person|Suppressive Person]]]?" It was taken from a pro-Scientology video featuring Cruise talking about the privileges and virtues of his religion as well as his intense dedication to carrying out Scientology's goals. The video is soundtracked with the Mission: Impossible theme.


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