A QAnon YouTuber Is Running for Office in Canada - 2019-09-11

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F0.png A QAnon YouTuber Is Running for Office in Canada September 11, 2019, Mack Lamoureux, Vice News

While we've seen many conspiracists run for office in the past, we've never seen anything like Billy Joyce.

The People's Party of Canada candidate in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who calls himself "Canada's Red Pill" is perhaps further down the YouTube far-right conspiracy rabbit hole than anyone else ever to run for office in North America with an official party. With a YouTube page touching on pedophile rings, Satanism, global Muslim takeover, and the Illuminati, Joyce's background is a little off the beaten path for an aspiring Canadian politician.

The Nova Scotian announced his candidacy on August 30 on YouTube, explaining that as president of the PPC Cape Breton—Canso riding association he had trouble finding someone to run because of all the negative media attention. Joyce is listed as a candidate on the upstart right-wing party's website.

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