A peek inside Janis Gillham Grady's second volume as 'Commodore's Messenger' - 2018-09-01

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F347.png A peek inside Janis Gillham Grady's second volume as 'Commodore's Messenger' September 1, 2018, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

In June we featured an excerpt from Janis Gillham Grady's first 'Commodore's Messenger' volume, and now, today, her second volume becomes available for the first time, Commodore's Messenger Book Two: Riding Out the Storms With L. Ron Hubbard. To mark the occasion, she's generously shared with us a short excerpt from her many adventures aboard the ship Apollo with the Commodore and, in this case, on land in Tangiers in 1972.

Because the ship was meant to be gone for only a month or so, and a driver's license was not required in Morocco to ride a 50cc motorbike, several of the auditors and snipes who owned motorbikes loaned theirs to the Messengers to keep ashore with them in Tangier. Dusty Rhodes allowed me to borrow his bike and care for it while I stayed in Tangier and he sailed with the ship to Lisbon. This was great, since it gave us our own transportation between the Tours Reception Center (TRC) and Villa Laure. It also gave us the freedom to ride into town when we wanted to. It took about 20 minutes to ride between the villa and TRC. The villa was located in the north part of Tangier, past the cemetery in the hills on the east side, behind the Kasbah, while TRC was southeast of Tangier, outside of town on the way to the airport.

As Molly and I were getting ready to leave the villa one afternoon, Mary Sue and Nikki had decided to go to town. Molly and I rushed to leave before them in the hopes of not getting stuck behind them driving slowly down the hill towards town. Not a good choice! Molly was driving with me on the back. There were lots of curves which were not a concern to us until she hit gravel as we leaned into the curve. We went flying.

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