A standup guy? - 1996-04-19

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F0.png A standup guy? April 19, 1996, Dan Kennedy, BU's Scientology Connection, Boston Phoenix

To hear Cooley tell it, the Church of Scientology has been the victim of vicious discrimination and misunderstanding.

Yes, church leaders went to prison in the late 1970s, he says, but the current management has purged the organization and cleaned it up.

Yes, Hubbard made "hyperbolic" statements about "fair game" and the purpose of lawsuits, but those were meant to apply to internal church matters only. And besides, the "fair game" policy was revoked a year after it was announced. ("It is in force, and it is used with the same zeal with which it was used when it was first written," asserts Herbert Rosedale, a New York lawyer and president of the American Family Foundation, an organization that studies Scientology and other cults.)

No, Cooley says, the church doesn't practice "mind control," but it certainly does engage in "behavior modification."

"If there were a religion that didn't try to modify behavior, it wouldn't be doing its job," he says.

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