About that Scientology "Photoshopped" Image... - 2013-05-17

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F347.png About that Scientology "Photoshopped" Image... May 17, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

On Sunday, we reported that the Church of Scientology had put on its main website a photograph of last Saturday's Portland "Ideal Org" grand opening.

The photo was posted along with a church press release which claimed that 2,500 people had attended the event. Our own eyewitnesses on the scene, counting people in images they had taken, estimated the crowd at more like 450 to 750.

Scientology's image was disorienting — in photos our correspondents had taken, there was a row of potted trees that contained the crowd to an area in front of the Sherlock Building on SW 3rd Avenue. But in Scientology's photo, the trees cannot be seen, and the audience seems to swell onto SW Oak Street.

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