Against Private School - 2019-12-23

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F0.png Against Private School December 23, 2019, Meghan Bell, The Tyee

It is appalling that parents receive tax deductions on tuition fees and on donations to these schools, and in five provinces, including British Columbia, taxpayer money helps fund private schools to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Meanwhile public schools across the country suffer from over-crowded classrooms and many are closing due to insufficient funding — and the situation is far more dire for Indigenous students living on reserves.

All children deserve access to well-supported teachers, maintained and up-to-date facilities, advanced-placement programs, and extracurricular opportunities, as well as funding to support disabled and at-risk students. Cuts to public education fuel inequality, whereas well-funded free public education is critical to class mobility and the creation of a more equitable society (the Finnish public school system offers a good example).

It is time to abolish elite private institutions — or, at the very least, the spending of public funds to support them. After all, the people who hold the purse strings and power in our country have little reason to be concerned about the declining state of public schools when they can purchase a fancier education for their children.

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