Alberta's $30-million bonfire - 2020-01-02

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F99.png Alberta's $30-million bonfire January 2, 2020, Chris Turner, National Observer

The Alberta government's Canadian Energy Centre — its long-promised, much-hyped "rapid-response war room," a provincial corporation with a $30-million annual budget — finally launched on Dec. 11. It embarked on its noble mission with all appropriate pomp and ceremony, by which I mean there was a website and a sort of self-promotional video.

The video serves as an impressive statement of the war room's purpose, particularly given the tire fire of unforced errors and obvious untruths the war room has set ablaze in the days since. Let's take a look at the inaccuracies — and one notable accuracy — of the war room's YouTube debut.

The video's voice-over is delivered in that boastful, hyper-masculine growl native to truck ads, set against a stomping country-rock backing track that comes across like Hank Williams Jr. covering Queen. (Are you ready for some propaganda?)

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