Alberta's UCP hits universities with red tape - 2020-01-19

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F185.png Alberta's UCP hits universities with red tape January 19, 2020, David Climenhaga, blogs,

Notwithstanding the UCP's creation of a "Ministry of Red Tape Reduction," if we judge the UCP by its actions and not its words, we can see that what the Kenney clique hates is regulation that costs big business money, even if it saves workers' lives, preserves the environment, or protects vulnerable citizens from commercial predators.

But they adore regulations intended to harass people and organizations they don't like, for example, trade unions, teachers, and most recently, high-quality academic institutions like the University of Alberta.

For these targets, they will pile on pointless and inconvenient regulations designed to make work harder to do, more expensive, and disruptive of core functions.

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