All of Jacob Wohl's Spectacularly Failed Smear Attempts - 2019-10-03

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F0.png All of Jacob Wohl's Spectacularly Failed Smear Attempts October 3, 2019, Bridget Read, The Cut

Sparkling-water enthusiast and failed gossipmonger Jacob Wohl is back with another press conference today, promising to reveal yet another highly implausible political scandal. This time, he purports to have evidence of a recent "long-term sexual relationship" (lasting several months?) between Elizabeth Warren and a 24-year-old bodybuilder Marine. Sure Jake!

This is not the first time Wohl has come out with a ridiculous, unsupported claim against a left-wing politician. In fact, it's not even the fourth. Along with his partner-in-crime Jack Burkman — literally, the pair is likely under investigation by the FBI — the MAGA-loving freelance "intelligence" operative has tried and failed to take down Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg and more in the last year alone, most often by claiming to have dirt on a subject that is quickly revealed to have been manufactured (poorly). So far, the duo have only managed to expose themselves as two men with the know-how and subtlety of two children in a trench-coat trying to buy a dirty magazine.

A brief roundup of the failed diabolical plots of Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman:

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