Alt-right in Montreal: The war against women - 2018-05-18

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F0.png Alt-right in Montreal: The war against women May 18, 2018, Shannon Carranco, Montreal Gazette

In the past, Loreto has had dozens of people call and email her boss and insist she be fired. She has had people share her personal information, and she has received threatening phone calls from the United States, despite being based in Canada and mostly writing about local issues.

Organizations like Ontario Proud, a non-profit online political group that favours Conservative politicians and causes, posted a photo of Loreto's tweet that coincided with increased harassment, and right-wing ideologues like writer Faith Goldy, who boasts a following of more than 80,000 on Twitter, have singled Loreto out.

"A Twitter storm is the perfect target because you can project everything you think about women on an individual," Loreto said. "You can start to make up an identity for that person. Because they're not real interactions. But the harm is real."

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