Andrew Scheer: Canada's first American prime minister? - 2019-10-05

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F253.png Andrew Scheer: Canada's first American prime minister? October 5, 2019, Jason Markusoff, Macleans

Boris Johnson was bidding to shed his United States citizenship back in 2015, when he was mayor of London and long before he ascended to the prime ministership of Britain. The New York-born moptop said then that he planned talk to the American ambassador, but wasn't confident of finding any fast lane. "It is a laborious business. They don't make it easy for you," he said at the time.

It took more than a year for Johnson to formally shed the dual status—the final quarter of 2016, to be precise. By then, Johnson was foreign secretary, and in the wings to become PM once a few more shambolic Brexit-era dominoes fell.

The clock apparently began ticking on Andrew Scheer's citizenship renunciation this August, shortly before the federal election call. Which means, barring some sort of special treatment, a Conservative victory would give our country its first Canadian-American head of government, and first dual citizen Prime Minister since 1984's short-lived leader, the U.K.-born John Turner.

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