Andrew Scheer and the fading dimples strategy - 2019-10-08

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F94.png Andrew Scheer and the fading dimples strategy October 8, 2019, Rick Salutin, Toronto Star

"It's no big deal," said Andrew Scheer about whether he was a fully deputized insurance broker, or has dual citizenship. But the deal, I'd say, was that they undermined the dimples factor.

He's basically been running on them. Anything he said that might seem aggressive — like liar, fraud fake — would sound harsh from Stephen Harper. Scheer's dimples have simply swallowed them up. He was like Sweetface in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

His core message wasn't "I'm gonna put more money in your pocket." It was, Nothing offensive here. But the dimples barrier was showing cracks, even before the debate.

If dual citizenship's no big deal, why did he attack Michaëlle Jean over it while not mentioning his own? No big deal's the kind of thing Trump says. It's a classic micro-aggression: a hostile shrug. Same for, "Because I was never asked about it" — like a kid who's been caught. Suddenly the dimples started looking shifty. I didn't know they could. Hugh Grant's never do. Or do they?

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