Andrew Scheer glowers at the Man Who Wasn't There - 2019-09-13

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F253.png Andrew Scheer glowers at the Man Who Wasn't There September 13, 2019, Jason Markusoff, Macleans

More than two years after Andrew Scheer became leader of Canada's Official Opposition, polling suggests nearly one-third of Canadians still don't know the man—or at least, don't know enough to get a measure of him. This campaign serves as a pivotal, 40-day introduction to the Conservative leader for Canadians unsure whether he should be the next Prime Minster, and the Maclean's/Citytv debate was his chance to make that crucial first impression.

Scheer did some work to dispel the snarky dismissal the Liberals have long cast upon him: that he's just Stephen Harper with a dimpled smile. Throughout this debate, Scheer seemed at pains to avoid smiling. He waited his turns to speak with eyebrows alternating between arched and furrowed, and a studious earnestness that kept the edges of his lips from curving upward yet did not forestall the occasional glower.

After all, he felt a great disappointment which voters must know he could not hide: at Justin Trudeau for not showing up to the debate; at Trudeau for violating ethics rules, for taxing carbon, for dressing like a fool in India. Scheer's quarrel is not with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh or Green Leader Elizabeth May—in fact, his hopes for a Conservative majority rest on the two left-leaning parties carving heavily into the Liberal vote share. So he came in with a mission to turn his sights toward the man who wasn't there. He'd pause with relish when deploying the seemingly scripted refrain: "something Justin Trudeau… FAILED to do."

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