Andrew Scheer will balance pro-Trump and pro-trade - 2019-05-06

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F94.png Andrew Scheer will balance pro-Trump and pro-trade May 6, 2019, Heather Scoffield, Toronto Star

You could make the case, on foreign policy at least, that the federal Conservatives are setting off down the path of Donald Trump — anti-China, anti-Paris Accord, pro-Brexit, a dim view of NAFTA, a distaste for the United Nations. Indeed, Liberal insiders are quietly making that very case.

After all, in the space of a few months, Andrew Scheer has urged the Liberals to take a hard line on China's blocking of Canada's canola. He has been circumspect about his party's dedication to the Paris agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. He has reaffirmed that he is in favour of Brexit. He has been harsh in his criticism of the way Justin Trudeau handled the NAFTA negotiations with the United States. And he came out swinging against the U.N. Global Compact on Migration.

But when Scheer spells out his party's foreign affairs platform on Tuesday, it will be staunchly multilateralist and pro-trade — and far more traditional-Conservative than Trumpian. If the Conservative Party aims to occasionally adopt some of Trump's populism, that temptation stops well short of rejecting free trade and embracing isolationism, the foreign-policy hallmarks of the Trump administration.

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