Anne Archer's G-Rated Gig - 1993-08-03

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F43.png Anne Archer's G-Rated Gig August 3, 1993, Lois Romano, Washington Post

But Archer -- whose credits run more to R-rated fare like "Fatal Attraction" and "Patriot Games" -- is on a two-day mission here to help those kids, even if she's not their type. She's on the stump trying to gain federal funding for Applied Scholastics, a 20-year-old group that aims to teach people of all ages how to study.

"A person can learn anything when he knows the technology to learn," she gushes, looking lovely in an olive suit, suede pumps and flashy Armani shades. The methods are based on the philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard, who also founded the Church of Scientology, of which Archer is a longtime member.

Archer, 42, raves about the program's "miracles" in L.A. ghettos, but says it was the experiences of her own son (8-year-old Jeffrey) that got her on the road. "That's what galvanized me," she told The Post's Mary Alma Welch. "I see him come against a wall, and then I've been able to help ... and see him giggle" in recognition.

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