Anons Go Unmasked at Latest Scientology Protest - 2008-05-12

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F243.png Anons Go Unmasked at Latest Scientology Protest May 12, 2008, Candice M. Giove, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

At Saturday's "Operation: Fair Game: Stop," Anonymous' latest installment in a series of monthly global protests, one local member abandoned his ridiculous three-pronged disguise of glasses, a fake nose and a mustache. Instead Mike Vitale wore his name in white letters emblazoned across a black cotton T-shirt.

For Vitale, it's no longer necessary to obscure his face with the cheap gag getup. The Church of Scientology already knows who he is and where he lives. Days before the protest focusing on "fair game," the method L. Ron Hubbard concocted in 1967 to silence critics, Vitale received an ominous and vague letter from a Church of Scientology-connected law firm threatening legal action against him for his involvement with Anonymous. "People were definitely quite concerned," he said of his fellow Anons. "I got asked more than a few times if this means I'm going to cut out."

But he arrived, undeterred by the warning or the creepiness that the Church of Scientology learned of his once-guarded identity.

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