Anonymous activists gaining strength online - 2008-03-17

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F0.png Anonymous activists gaining strength online March 17, 2008, Ben Arnoldy, Christian Science Monitor

Masked protesters led small, peaceful rallies in cities around the world Saturday as part of a protest by an online movement calling itself Anonymous. The organization declared "war" on the Church of Scientology in January because of the church's "suppression of dissent" on the Internet.

Some tactics employed by Anonymous have proved controversial, including attacks against Scientology websites and unauthorized circulation of church materials. The church also accuses the movement of mailing fake anthrax letters and making bomb threats – charges rejected on Anonymous websites.

"I don't know who sent (the threats), but the point is that whoever are the ringleaders (of Anonymous), they are creating these emotions and are causing this to occur, and they have to be responsible for it," says Karin Pouw, spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology.

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