Anonymous vs Scientology: Chanology's Quadrennium in NYC - 2012-02-13

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F11.png Anonymous vs Scientology: Chanology's Quadrennium in NYC February 13, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

We got a little confused by the International Dateline and what not -- hey, you try converting Sydney time to New York and see if it doesn't leave you dizzy -- so that big story we were promising today won't be here for another 18 hours or so. In the meantime, we have this short video we pieced together from Saturday night's "raid" of the Scientology org on 46th Street near Times Square.

Four years after Anonymous launched Project Chanology and showed up outside Scientology orgs around the world, the local lunatics are still at it.

A note about that Guy Fawkes mask in the first segment -- there's a reason the other anons seem surprised to see it. Unlike other cities, where crowds of protesters in the masks became the iconic look of the movement, in New York an antiquated law prevents protesters in this city from covering their faces. So from the beginning, the raiders here were taking more of a chance, especially in early days when Scientology was more actively trying to identify individual activists and serve them with cease and desist letters (or worse).

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