Another Bogus Vaccine Attack From RFK Jr. - 2020-07-22

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F375.png Another Bogus Vaccine Attack From RFK Jr. July 22, 2020, Stuart Blume, Daily Beast

Across the globe, billions of people are anxiously awaiting a COVID-19 vaccine, hoping that when they have one everything will be normal again.

But there are also millions who think differently. Surveys in a number of countries show that a substantial percentage of the public don't want the vaccine, or at least are unsure about taking it. In the US, that figure is as high as 50 percent. A major reason, according to the surveys, is that some people fear possible side effects.

It's safe to assume it isn't the prospect of a slight inflammation around the injection point that bothers them, nor a temporary stiffness in their arm—the only modern vaccine side effects on which there is a consensus within the scientific community.

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