Anti-Lockdown Cop Hosted Far-Right Vlogger on His YouTube Show - 2021-08-09

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F0.png Anti-Lockdown Cop Hosted Far-Right Vlogger on His YouTube Show August 9, 2021, Mack Lamoureux, Vice News

Constable Chris VandenBos is an active duty York Regional Police officer who has become well known in Canadian anti-lockdown circles for his vocal stance against COVID-19 regulations. He and other renegade police officers from Ontario teamed up with an anti-vax lawyer to challenge lockdown and masking regulations on a constitutional basis (similar constitutional challenges have failed in the past. ) VandenBos has since started an anti-lockdown policing group called Police On Guard for Thee.

On the group's YouTube page, VandenBos frequently interviews figures active in the anti-lockdown ecosystem. Last week, he invited a vlogger he simply described as "14-year Canadian Armed Forces veteran," onto his show—but he failed to mention Jeremy Mackenzie's history of anti-Semitism and ties to the far-right.

In audio archived on the Anti-Racist Canada site, Mackenzie can be heard describing the Nuremberg Trials as a "kangaroo court',' and saying Nazi war criminal Hermann Göring was killed because he made "too much sense." In other recordings he promoted a immensely influential anti-Semitic text, and a guest he has on talks about "naming the Jew." He also has a bit of a habit of promoting Holocaust deniers to his followers. Like many within the far-right, the vlogger coats his comments in a heavy veil of irony—for example, his small fan base, at times, call themselves "bigots" and he recently posted a photo of himself in a skull mask (a symbol of accelerationist neo-Nazis like Atomwaffen Division and the Base) which his followers then memed.

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