Apostate v. Jehovah's Witness - Part 1 - Alex - 2019-11-30

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F355.png Apostate v. Jehovah's Witness - Part 1 - Alex November 30, 2019, John Cedars, YouTube

(Cedars' vlog no. 311) After a Jehovah's Witness challenges me on Twitter claiming that he can prove the truthfulness of his religion, I arrange for us to have a recorded conversation. This is the first time a believer has agreed to appear on my channel for a respectful dialogue, despite a strong likelihood of reprisals if he is discovered.

      • A polite request to ex-JWs watching this video: Please can I respectfully ask that all are as kind and understanding as possible to Alex when engaging with him either here or on Twitter. I feel he is misguided but ultimately genuine and well-meaning. Some of his views may be obnoxious, but please remember that we once sincerely shared at least some of them and our waking up process may have been hampered if we had been subjected to abuse and insults from apostates online. Alex deserves respect if only for his bravery in coming forward. Please let's do what we can to show him that we're here to help.***

If you are a believing Jehovah's Witness (or a sincere JW apologist) and you would like to debate me, please leave a voicemail at this address: https://www.speakpipe.com/cedars

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