Archbishop warns against Scientology Invasion! - 2010-04-06

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F0.png Archbishop warns against Scientology Invasion! April 6, 2010, Kayra Williams, St. Lucia Star

The Archbishop said the matter called for serious review on the part of the Civil Leadership of the nation.

Good, healthy, drug free living in a crime free society is what we all want but not at the price of compromising our faith and Christian values, he put forward. The fundamental teachings of Scientology are in conflict with the teachings of the Christian faith. As Catholic Christians if we are going to critique Scientology we need to have a good grasp of our own faith. This is a challenge to all Catholics to be better grounded and educated in their faith.

Robert Rivas went on to say the Freewinds had already been banned from entry in St Vincent. He said now was the time, to come out of our comfort zones, rise from our complacency and witness to our faith with greater conviction, deeper commitment and clearer identity.

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