Are teachers overpaid? A defense of teacher salaries - 2020-02-17

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F185.png Are teachers overpaid? A defense of teacher salaries February 17, 2020, Greg Dwulit, glogs,

There are many people who claim teachers are overpaid and enjoy too much vacation time. But what many people don't know is that Canada has one of the strongest education systems in the world.

The OECD published a report in 2018 placing Canada in eighth place in the world in math, science and reading. We beat 76 other wealthy, industrialized countries, including Germany, Finland, Taiwan, Sweden and the United States. In reading skills, Canada came sixth place, beating Japan and South Korea. Compared to their provincial peers, 15 year-olds in Ontario scored the Canadian average or above average in reading, math and science in 2018.

One reason why Canada scores high grades in global rankings is because good teacher salaries have attracted intelligent, hard-working professionals who fiercely compete to enter teacher's college to attain a good position in the public education sector. If you pay teachers less, you will attract less qualified and committed candidates to the profession. Free market thinkers like the Fraser Institute defend million-dollar incomes, claiming they attract highly-skilled, hard-working applicants. If that's the case, why don't they use the same line of reasoning with teachers?

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