Astra Woodcraft Talks about Wally Hanks - 2014-10-16

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F355.png Astra Woodcraft Talks about Wally Hanks October 16, 2014, Robert Moor, YouTube

I've decided to upload a series of videos that relate to Scientology's mistreatment of children and young adults. I've chosen to focus on Wally Hanks because he is an easily accessible example of these types of crimes and the churches refusal to deal with these issues and possible encouragement of abusive behavior. Wally Hanks was an upper level Scientologist who owned/ran The Mace Kingsley Ranch (made famous by Jenna Miscavige). Because of his OT status Scientology covered up his activities. When his activities could no longer be swept under the rug he was quietly processed out of the church. The church decided to quietly oust him rather than publicly declaring him Suppressive and pressing charges because it would be bad public relations for such a high level member to be associated with these types of actions.

This particular video highlights a section of a longer interview with Astra Woodcraft where she talks about Wally, along with various other instances of child abuse.

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