Barbara Kay "Stepping Away" From The National Post - 2020-07-24

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F0.png Barbara Kay "Stepping Away" From The National Post July 24, 2020, Jonathan Goldsbie, Canadaland

Nearly three years after announcing her departure from the far-right Rebel Media in a Facebook note, Montreal-based commentator Barbara Kay has taken to the same medium to declare that she has "decided to step away" from her longtime weekly column at the National Post.

Kay wrote that she wasn't comfortable with increased editorial scrutiny at the paper, which she attributed to editors now feeling more accountable to the public.

"As recently as today, my editor assured me that my job was not at risk," she wrote in her note this afternoon. "But every week seems to deliver new restrictions and anxieties.…Even when my columns appear in the National Post without any kind of delay or objection, I feel a lingering worry that some stray word or phrase will cause an editor to suffer blowback."

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