Big Brother and your browser - 2003-03-03

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F0.png Big Brother and your browser March 3, 2003, Declan McCullagh, Perspectives, CNET

What appears to be the first case of this sort arose in 1996, when the Cult Awareness Network -- which warned of the dangers of unconventional religions -- was sued into oblivion by the Church of Scientology. A bankruptcy court judge placed the group's assets including up for auction -- and the winning bidder was -- you guessed it -- Scientology.

Mark Rasch, a former federal prosecutor who's a vice president at Solutionary in McLean, Va., represented Cult Awareness Network during its demise. After Scientology gained control of and promptly began reading e-mail sent to the old addresses, Rasch told me on Friday, "people thought they were communicating confidentially with an anti-cult group when they were talking with their enemies."

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