Blog: "COB, You Are The Best! You Have Given Us The Tech Now..." - 2013-12-02

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F376.png "COB, You Are The Best! You Have Given Us The Tech Now..." December 2, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Some people have been aghast that I would suggest that fundamentalist Scientologists believe that Miscavige is the reincarnation of LRH. Perhaps reincarnation was an inartful way of expressing myself. Miscavige is the NEW LRH would probably be more accurate. Whether they believe that LRH has now occupied Miscavige's mortal coil or whether they believe Miscavige has now succeeded LRH as unquestioned source is somewhat immaterial. Today, Miscavige is The One.

Miscavige Himself seems to be trying to position himself as the "voice of LRH" much like the Pope is God's voice on earth. His determination and interpretation of LRH's will is considered infallible by the fundamentalists. Just as the Pope is infallible. Miscavige even promotes the comparison that he, as the leader of Scientology, is equivalent to the Catholic Pope.

There is plenty of evidence of this, but the latest just arrived in my in box and it is a good gauge of how far down the road to total cultdom Miscavige has managed to lead His followers.