Blog: "Czech Scientologists Getting Madrid Done" Great News??? - 2013-05-14

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F376.png "Czech Scientologists Getting Madrid Done" Great News??? May 14, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is bizarre on so many levels...

For anyone who doesnt know, Madrid is like Buffalo. One of the very first "Ideal Orgs" (and a very high priority for Miscavige at the time as Tom Cruise was dating Penelope Cruz and her family were being coaxed into the church — Penelope's sister is a very well known TV presenter in Spain), they have had a second "Grand Opening" and now they doing their "Non E Campaign" (10 years later).

And apparently the "hey-you" isnt just across the US for Portland, Europe was in on it too because they say "after having finished the funding for Portland" we are now "all on fire" to get "Madrid completed this week."