Blog: "Elite Disseminator" Status - 2014-06-26

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F376.png "Elite Disseminator" Status June 26, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A Special Cortrespondent sent this in with the following comment:

I read it because I was intrigued that there was someone out there working hard on dissemination. "Jim Seagrave achieves Elite Disseminator" got my attention. Having once brought in more than 50 totally new people one by one in a period of no more than six months I was impressed at this new title I hadn't heard of before. It soon went way downhill from there. I think this should be spread. It is truly sickening. Like everything else in the world of fundamentalist scientology, "disseminating" has morphed into a purchasable "status".

You can become a "humanitarian" by giving money for idle orgs. An "elite disseminator" by giving money to buy Way To Happiness books (at full price). A "patriot" by giving money to CCHR. And let's not forget you can become a "Silver Meritorious" by turning over a few million to the IAS (I guess a silver, gold platinum and diamond meritorious is the truly elite status of actually becoming MEST rather than some sort of superhero).