Blog: "Freedom" Rag "Responds" to 60 Minutes - 2019-02-13

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F376.png "Freedom" Rag "Responds" to 60 Minutes February 13, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In its inimitable and oh so predictable style, Freedom has responded to the 60 Minutes Australia piece.

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, they lashed out at their dirty laundry being exposed once again not by responding to the facts, but attempting to smear the reporter, complete with the most unflattering photo they could find/doctor.

Their entire "defense" is to rehash a story from 2016 concerning correspondent Tara Brown and her film crew. They were arrested in Lebanon on charges of "attempted kidnapping" for their coverage of a story of a woman trying to get her 2 children back after her estranged husband had taken them to Beirut and refused to return. They were not convicted and were released after 2 weeks in jail and a reported hefty payment from Channel 9.