Blog: "Iconic" Events - 2014-04-22

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F376.png "Iconic" Events April 22, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They are not going to have any real news for the Maiden Voyage — just a lone ribbon yanking from Sydney.

So, the call has gone out for EVERY ORG to do an "iconic" or ironic"? event.... Even the ALREADY "ideal orgs"- because these are virtually all the "big" orgs so there would not be much left to show if they are not included, but I wonder what sort of "iconic" event they are going to do in Pretoria or Portland or Nashville where they have tapped out everyone and are left with completely empty "ideal" orgs?

Maybe they should hold an event that is "iconic" to the RCS. They can all dress up like dollar bills, credit cards, check books or gold bars (or gold fillings?)