Blog: "Mandatory Class VIII Briefing" - 2014-04-07

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F376.png "Mandatory Class VIII Briefing" April 7, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The storks are busy. Hushmail must be experiencing heavy traffic.

This is a debrief of a "mandatory" briefing for Class VIII's in Ideal PAC (in fact in "ASHO's" Lebanon Hall). The image is an artists' rendition, he mistakenly thought it was the audience at an "international event" not a mandatory briefing in Ideal PAC in which case he would have only included 5 attendees. But as he went to all the trouble, I used it anyway as it conveys the message he wanted.

It is amazing how they can try to shift the blame to.... anyone else they can think of than themselves, and certainly it has NOTHING to do with the man who is single-handedly salvaging this sector of the universe with his brilliant handlings of all facets of everything.