Blog: "New" Ideal Orgs - 2019-11-02

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F376.png "New" Ideal Orgs November 2, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Kansas City and Columbus "ideal orgs" are supposed to open over the next 2 weekends.

This is no surprise — Miscavige probably stayed in the UK and is flying directly to Kansas City for the opening, which is why it is one week after the IAS. It is also timed so he could get a double whammy -announce it at the IAS and then show the ribbon yanking as main topics To prove massive international expansion at the New Years Event. He could not have an entire year with NO "ideal orgs." Back in the good old days he had them at each event throughout the year.

Remember the hullabaloo about "doing it all simultaneously"? That was never meant to be an indication that all ORGS would be done at once. It was an admonition to get all the ELEMENTS done simultaneously. Fundraising. Staff recruitment. Staff Training. Files.