Blog: "Scientology wouldn't be in the news so much..." - 2019-07-29

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F376.png "Scientology wouldn't be in the news so much..." July 29, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is some classic scientology "bubble-think". It supposes that bad press equals interest in participating in scientology — rather than the newsworthiness of exposed abuses. With this logic the Catholic Church should be excited about the "interest" shown in Catholicism with the coverage of the ongoing pedophile priest scandal.

Not to be too logical about this — if this was in fact true, how come Battle Creek is unable to renovate the building they have had for more than a decade? And have virtually no staff or public?

Hubbard formalized this delusional mindset way back in 1958 in his HCO Bulletin titled "Signs of Success". It is an article of faith that every scientologist "knows" to be true. When there is "bad PR" for scientology it is "proof" of how well they are doing. Because Ron says that only when we are "winning" do the "squirrels" scream. Of course, in this day and age, everyone who has left scientology and is exposing the horrors of abuse in the organization is deemed a "squirrel" despite the fact that nobody practices "offbeat scientology" in any form.