Blog: "Waves of Anti-Religious Hate Crimes" - 2018-09-29

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F376.png "Waves of Anti-Religious Hate Crimes" September 29, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A new article in US Magazine that previews an upcoming interview with Leah elicited an amazing response from David Miscavige through his ventriloquist dummy Karin Pouw.

Failing to address any of the substantive things talked about, it is a typical scientology "attack the attacker" response:

The Church of Scientology's spokesperson Karin Pouw responded to Remini's allegations in a statement to Us. "While we would prefer to ignore yet another of Leah Remini's over-the-top rants aimed at getting attention, she unfortunately continues to incite waves of anti-religious hate crimes. Ms. Remini's incessant hate speech has required increased security and law enforcement resources spent to protect lives she puts at risk," the statement read. "Ms. Remini's ridiculous rants are unending and the myths and tales she and her coproducer spread are grown more bizarre by the day … They hire producers to rehash tired, preposterous myths invented and spread by the same handful of former Scientologists motivated by greed and anger."