Blog: "We'll have to come back to earth someday..." - 2020-08-23

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F376.png "We'll have to come back to earth someday..." August 23, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A sort of follow-up to yesterday's post about deaths in scientology. This from a slightly different angle.

I wonder if the person who put together this promo piece and chose this quote even gave it a moment of thought. Probably not. It's good enough that "LRH said it" so we can just put it in here and it will inspire people. Because his words are inspiring. Always. No matter what they say.

But if you stop for a second, where is "the Commodore"? He has not "come back"? No sign of him (Justin Craig doesn't count, or if that IS him then he regressed terribly in his between-lives implant station experience).